Specialist in the field of investments, deposits, payday loans, online loans and consumer loans

 Deposits at Creditic – profitable investments!

Deposits at Creditic are an excellent way to invest money safely and profitably. Creditic consumer Finance offers you the possibility of contracting a fixed-term deposit with interest rates of up to 1.25%, with amounts between 5,000 euros and 500,000 euros.

CA Consumer Finance, SA is a strong company, where you can make a safe and profitable investment. When making deposits in Creditic, customers can benefit from a flexible and personalized service, transparency and friendly treatment.

Creditic Consumer Finance, SA is a recognized leader in consumer loans and credits in France, Spain and Europe. It is also noteworthy that when investing in Creditic it is investing with great profitability in a European bank that offers an excellent range of financial products and services in 23 countries of the world. The opportunity is excellent and hiring a deposit in a leading financial institution in loans and consumer loans in Europe should not be let slip. Creditic is one of the financial companies highlighted in the portal of Loans and Quick Credits, Credit Cards, Mortgages, Deposits and Investments Enprestamo.es

Specialist in the field of investments, deposits, online loans and consumer loans

Specialist in the field of investments, <a href=deposits, online loans and consumer loans” />

Creditic Spain occupies a leading position in virtually all areas of consumer loans : including the financing of points of sale (automobiles, household appliances, etc.), direct sales of products and electronic commerce (online sales). Through call centers, branch channels, mobile telephony, www.enprestamo.es and Internet communication CA Consumer Finance has the possibility of offering an expanded range of banking products, financial services and online money.

Advantages of Creditic deposits

At Creditic, deposits can be made from 5,000 euros, with a limit of 500,000 euros per deposit. They are fixed-term deposits for a period between 6 months and 3 years (36 months). And of course, everything with full security, with deposit insurance of up to 100 000 euros for each investor. With a guaranteed yield, since the interest rate is guaranteed throughout the term of the investment in Creditic Consumer Finance, SA It offers great flexibility, with an attractive and excellent offer of scaled interest rate for investment securities from 5,000 euros to 500000 euros, with terms from half a year to 3 years. It is very easy to open a fixed deposit account, totally free right now.

Remember, at CA Consumer Finance, SA, you have a deposit guaranteed 100% by the Fonds de Garantie de Dépôts et Résolution, FGDR. It is a French company and the deposits are guaranteed by the Deposit Guarantee Fund and Resolution for an amount of up to 100000 euros per depositor.

And speaking of the general vision of the investments in Creditic, the following data can be specified: fixed-term deposit for 6 months at 0.7% annual TIN (corresponding to the APR 0.700%), fixed-term deposit for 1 year at 0.9% annual TIN (corresponding to the TAE 0.900%), fixed-term deposit for 2 years at 1.1% annual TIN (corresponding to the APR 1,100%), fixed-term deposit for 3 years at 1.25 % annual TIN (corresponding to the TAE 1,250%) – the data specified is as an example for the date of 10/2017, see how to invest in Creditic and the current conditions offered by one of the best financial companies in the market.

Four simple steps to hire a deposit at Creditic and a little more information


Hiring a deposit in CA Consumer Finance, SA is very easy and the first of the simple steps will be to fill out an online application, then the system will request that you send the corresponding documents, your identity will be verified, and the deposit will be confirmed.

Of course, it is a very summary information and to detail a little more, we will say that the minimum amount to deposit in Creditic is 5000 euros ( minimum amount of investment in Creditic Consumer Finance, SA ). The amount to invest must be chosen at the beginning, since in the future the deposit can not be extended, and to have a larger deposit, you must hire a new deposit in CA Consumer Finance, SA

It is also important information, explain what an associated account means (people who have already hired a deposit before you will surely know, go for those who wish to hire a deposit for the first time, it will be useful to know). An account associated with the deposit is an account that in this case may be in any entity domiciled in Spain, which must be communicated to Creditic Consumer Finance, SA, and subsequently used by the financial institution to pay the interest accrued on your deposit, etc..

The deposit in Creditic can be closed at the end of the investment term and collect all the interest accrued in full, or you can also close the deposit in advance, and in this case the finance company will recalculate the amounts you must collect. The amount deposited is returned in full in any case, and the accrued percentages depend on the term of the deposit, and the fulfillment of the terms agreed upon when initially depositing.

The financial portal Enprestamo.es recommends Consumer Finance, SA as an excellent entity to invest money with very good profitability !


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