Benzfilm Loans, ltd. It is the most consolidated and prestigious Asturian financial intermediation company in the region, as well as the one that has been practicing in this field for the longest time, beginning its activity in 1990.

It is made up of a group of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience, who work with the most important Financial and Banking Entities, both national and international; which allows them to offer their clients a high range of financial products with the best market conditions, adapting it to each particular case through a personalized study.

About us

Benzfilm Loans ltd. It is made up of a team of professionals with extensive experience in working with the most important financial institutions both nationally and internationally.

We offer you the peace of mind that comes from being advised by the best to finance your dreams. Do not hesitate to ask us about personal loans, mortgages for home purchase or grouping of loans, mortgage cancellations, etc.

Member of the National Association of Financial AdvisorsLogo_ANAF

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