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By reunifying your debts, you can reduce your monthly payment by half or more, converting your multiple payments into one.

Reunification is appropriate when you have to face a monthly mortgage payment, and also credit cards, car loans, etc. The great advantage for the client is that, being a mortgage loan, it has a much lower interest than personal loans and credit cards, which drastically reduces the monthly payment to the best of our ability.

At Benzfilm Loans we take care of carrying out all the necessary procedures for the reunification of debts .

Example Before Example Now
Mortgage € 560 Reunifying everything
Car 250 € +
Various € 190 € 12,000 of liquidity
Fee before
€ 1,000
Quote now € 495

At Benzfilm Loans we also process debt cancellation, liens, national association of financial companies ... with the guarantee of your home. Without justifying income.

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