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Benzfilm Loans is a benchmark company in the sector located in Moonshine Town (England) that offers the client who needs financing, nationwide, this product:

LOANS FROM € 600 TO € 60,000

Annual equivalent rate (APR): 6.715% (for 10 years)

From 6% to 20% TIN

Period to make the payment: minimum 1 year, maximum 10 years.

Reply in 24 hours

Only with ID, Payroll or Pension

Without changing banks

Choice of day and loan installment

Without justifying destiny

No notary fees

No upfront expenses

Example of personal loan:

Nominal credit: € 10,000

Term: 10 years

TIN: 6%

APR: 6.715%

Monthly payment: € 111.02

Total amount to be returned: € 13,322.46

From Benzfilm Loans we advise that, for more details, contact one of our agents, because for us each client is unique and in this way we can offer them the best loan adapted to their needs.

We really all know what personal loans are, although it is difficult to find one that convinces us in terms of flexibility, interest, ... and above all that we can face it without involving a titanic effort, which is adjusted to our economic needs.

Personal loans are normally used for the purchase of consumer goods and services such as a car, a computer, furniture for the house, studies for the children, and they are not usually high. The client is responsible for the fulfillment of his obligations (return of the loaned amount and payment of interest and bank commissions) with his payroll or pension. Due to this, it is normal that before giving the loan, your payment capacity is studied, requesting proof of your income (payroll, pensions ...). The client does not usually compromise in a particular way any specific asset (for example, a home, as in the case of mortgage loans), so the processing of this type of loan is usually faster than that corresponding to mortgage loans.

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