Home purchase loans
At Benzfilm Loans we have a wide portfolio of products that will satisfy all your needs, among which we can highlight:

Personal loans : Only with your payroll or pension, for any destination. From € 600 with fees from € 60 / month.

Home purchase : Up to 100% of the purchase price. Self-construction, VPO, 2nd residence, change of house ...

Mortgage for Debt Reunification : Mortgage, car, personal cards… IN ONE FEE!

Mortgage for Debt Cancellation : Garnishments, RAI, national association of financial companies ... Do not let yourself take away what you have cost so much to get. Also without justifying income. No deadline and very flexible created for our clients.

Mortgages of up to 15 years for any destination without justifying income.

Private money mortgages for any destination and with immediate response.

Insurance : Home, life, auto, CR, SMEs, commerce ... Pension plans with guaranteed revaluation, investments, savings accounts ...

For information on our rates for all our products, click here .

Personal credit

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