Even housewives can have access to credit. This is certainly a category that, like that of students, does not benefit from strong guarantees in the case of loan applications, but that may still be able to obtain funding even if not working. To be safer, it would not hurt a part-time job or a guarantor. A family member or husband who can assure the repayment of the installments in case of insolvency on the part of the principal debtor. But alternatively, do not give up! Postal service Italy proposes, in fact, a series of solutions for women who do not have a job and whoRead More →

Have you asked for a bank loan and have problems paying certain fees? Know that there are entities that offer grace periods where, for a certain time, you should not amortize your debt. Follow this article and know the five most important aspects of this credit formula. Although most banks analyze the financial situation of a client before lending a certain amount of money, the truth is that this risk study is not able to predict situations in life that can ruin the economic status of the client. a person. A dismissal at work, the illness of a family member, a loss in housing, aRead More →

If you want to buy a house and you are thinking about hiring a mortgage, it is important that you know that the market offers a wide range of products. To choose the mortgage loan that best suits your needs, follow this comprehensive guide prepared by BillCare. Asking a mortgage to a bank is not a simple procedure because, although housing will act as a guarantee, you must prove that you are not a risky customer. However, although you may be tempted to accept the offer of the first bank that proposes to finance your project, you must not forget that a mortgage is aRead More →