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Login through Benzfilm Loans to an exclusive product throughout Spain, consisting of an innovative mortgage product.

This product was created with the aim of financing all those people that banks close the door to financing.

It is a new and exclusive product. With it you can have easier access to financing to cover your needs whatever the destination, to return it in comfortable installments and without a time limit .

A star product designed solely and exclusively to make things easier for you and within everyone's reach.

It has the following benefits:

- Mortgage without term limit. Minimum 1 year, maximum 30 years.

- TIN: 8%; APR: 8.89%.

- Only with monthly interest settlement.

- Amortization at the client's will, without a monthly minimum, once the first year has elapsed.

- Monthly interest rate between 1% and 1.25% depending on your profile.

- For any destination, including cancellation of private mortgages.

- Financing area at the national level.

- Any type of property (except rustic and solar).


Nominal credit: € 10,000

Term: 10 years

TIN: 8%

APR: 8.89%

Monthly fee: € 121.33

Total amount to return: € 14,559.60

Do not miss this opportunity to meet and request this exclusive product through Rial Gestion Financiera .

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